We're now officially Certified Cruelty Free

AHRIA Organics was born out of want for better skincare products for parents and babies that weren’t full of hidden chemicals and toxins that are harmful for our skin.

Because of this, we’ve committed ourselves to ensuring we gain certifications for our products wherever possible to ensure you can trust that the products you’re buying have gone through all the checks and balances to ensure they’re safe for your skin.

One of the the many things we pride ourselves on as a brand, is that none of our products are tested on animals - and now it’s officially certified! Choose Cruelty Free is the official certification body that audits brands and products in Australia to ensure when they say they’re cruelty free and not tested on animals - they’re telling the truth. They are a not-for-profit organisation who campaign to end animal testing that facilitates to market cosmetics, toiletries and other household products.

Being successful in the certification process with Choose Cruelty Free not only means that we have been proven to be truthful in our claims that we do not test any of our products on animals, but also means we can now display the official Not Tested on Animals logo - another symbol of trust you can look out for in the products you buy.

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You can read more about Choose Cruelty Free, their campaign and their certification logo here.


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Raelle Gann-Owens