5 Ways to Avoid Dry Skin This Winter

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The endless Australian summer seems to have come to an abrupt end over the weekend, and the reality of the cold weather is sure to hit any minute now!

One of the hardest challenges we face every winter seems to be the unavoidable problem of dry and cracking skin caused by the harsh cold winds, lack of humidity and constant change in room temperature. But never fear! We have 5 easy tips to help you avoid dry skin this winter.

According to Consumer Reports there are a number of ways to combat the effects of winter on the skin:

1. Choose the right moisturiser

Choosing the right moisturiser at the beginning of the season can really set you off on a positive skin journey as the colder weather really sets in. You want to look for ingredients such as shea butter and natural oils to help create a protective barrier on the skin. We recommend either our Organic Herbal Essences Cream or Rose Otto Hydrosol Moisturising Mist for mum, or our Organic Baby Top to Toe Cream for bubs.

2. Apply daily

Dermatologists recommend applying your chosen moisturiser daily for best results. If the weather really starts to get nasty you can up that to twice daily, and it’s best to apply when the skin is still a little wet, such as just after a shower, to help lock in some of that water.

3. Shorten your shower time and lower the temperature

By shortening your shower time and lowering the temperature of the water, you are lessening the exposure of harsh contrasts in temperature on your skin, which is one of the major causes of dry and cracking skin. And added bonus - this one is also good for the environment!

4. Avoid harsh cleansers

During winter, skin care products such as soaps, exfoliants, alcohol-based cleansers and scented soaps can be especially stripping on the skin. Try avoiding these harsh cleansers during the dry winter months, instead replacing them with a good moisturising cream and soap free body wash (check out our Baby Top to Toe Washing Gel!)

5. Crank up the humidity

If you’re prone to cranking up the heater during the cold winter months, try balancing this out by investing in a humidifier to help counteract the humidity loss caused by your heating system - which in-turn sucks out the moisture in your skin!

Read the full article from Consumer Reports here.

Raelle Gann-Owens